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Yateley Chiropractors
Robert J. Gruhn & Emma Scullion

Yateley Chiropractor Robert J. Gruhn D.C.

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Yateley Chiropractor, Robert Gruhn

Robert J. Gruhn D.C.

Robert J. Gruhn, Doctor of Chiropractic, attended Life University of Chiropractic, in Marietta, Georgia, USA. He graduated in 2001 and has been in Camberley, Surrey helping the community through chiropractic care ever since.

There May Be A Better Way!

Dr. Gruhn believes that most people can benefit from chiropractic care, regardless of their age. In this day and age, too many people seem to rely on taking pain pills to get them through a day, not knowing that there may be a better way of life through chiropractic care.

Away from 1st Chiropractic Centres

Rob is married to Pam, who is the practice manager. They have a Great Dane called Ruby who occasionally ‘pops’ in to the practice to say ‘Hello’. Rob enjoys sport and plays golf regularly as well as kickboxing and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

Benefiting from Chiropractic Care

“I also have chiropractic care and have been for the past 20 or so years. I understand chiropractic from both a patients and chiropractors point of view! I am no longer in pain but have benefited tremendously like many others from chiropractic care and can’t see a reason to stop. I hope you will find the same.”

Find out if Chiropractic is an Option

Thanks for visiting our site, have a look around. Then, if you decide chiropractic may be an option for you, give our Yateley practice a call or email us using the link below and let’s arrange a time convenient for you, to come in and have a FREE consultation.

Yateley Chiropractor Emma Scullion D.C.

Yateley Chiropractor Emma Scullion DC

Yateley Chiropractor,
Emma Scullion D.C.

Dr Emma Scullion graduated from the Anglo-European College of Chiropractic with a Masters Degree in Chiropractic.

Optimum Health through Optimising Function

Emma first encountered the power of Chiropractic many years ago after suffering an injury to her back, and being successfully treated by a Chiropractor. The natural philosophy and effective treatment techniques behind Chiropractic practice inspired her to become part of this dynamic profession. Emma has strong beliefs in achieving optimum health through optimising function.

Treats a Wide Spectrum of Complaints

Dr Scullion enjoys treating a wide spectrum of complaints from headaches and neck pain to low back pain and problems specific to pregnant women and paediatric patients. She also has a special interest in treating post-operative patients, optimising their road to recovery.

Patient Care

Concerned primarily with patient care, Emma finds it important to increase her patients’ knowledge of Chiropractic. She is a great advocate of keeping your spine healthy in order to enable your whole body to work at its optimum; this introduces her patients to a lifestyle philosophy within which their symptoms and pain complaints are improved.

Treating the Cause

Chiropractic not only aims to solve individual and physical problems, it can also play a major role in the promotion of reduced stress and improved mental well being; focusing on treating the cause of aproblem, not the symptoms.

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