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Pregnancy Chiropractic at 1st Chiropractic Centres

Pregnancy and childbirth can be incredible experiences, but they are also hugely impactful on the pelvis and lower back. At 1st Chiropractic Centres, we love helping expecting mums feel their best while getting their bodies ready for whatever labour will consist of.

Putting You at Ease

We understand that your primary concern is the safety of your unborn child, and we take our time to put you at ease by asking you directly about any concerns or worries you may have about chiropractic care. We’ll answer all of your questions and even demonstrate how to lie on the pregnancy pillow.

We’ll also let you know the benefits of ensuring your body is in optimum health, so it can be ready to go into labour naturally without the need for induction.

Our Gentle Approach

Using very gentle Chiropractic and soft tissue techniques, we focus our attention on the pelvis, hips and pubic symphysis region. We also do a lot of work on the neck and shoulders, as well as the sacrum.

These gentle techniques help to reduce pregnancy-related pain and discomfort so you can feel and move your best during this special time. They also help to keep your pelvis in the optimal position for labour and delivery.

Customised Care

Your friendly, experienced Chiropractor will create a care plan tailored to your individual situation. If you’re feeling good and there are no complications, we’ll likely see you on a maintenance schedule of once every month or so until it gets closer to your due date.

We like to see our pregnant patients very close to their due date to ensure their body is in the best condition possible for the birth process.

We Love Success Stories

We had a patient who was going to be induced, and she came in for Chiropractic treatment the day before. That evening after she was adjusted, she went into natural labour and had the birth process she wanted.

Have the Happy Pregnancy You Deserve

We look forward to welcoming you to our practice! Contact us today to schedule your first visit!


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